The Vintage, Valve & Vinyl website is currently very basic since it has only recently been built and shows the current range of James Turner Vacuum Tube Audio Products. Please watch this website for some new and re-styled products in the near future.


The 3 main areas of our business are detailed below :


1. James Turner Vacuum Tube Audio

A range of vacuum tube audio pre-amplifiers and phono stages that have the performance and reliability equal to the best available in the world.

Simply engineered for performance and reliability, our products are hand built to order, to the most exacting standards using quality components selected for optimum musical performance.

2. Vintage Audio Restoration

Specialists in the restoration of vintage audio equipment, especially classic radio tuners including the Leak Troughline, Quad FM1,FM2,AM2 and many others.

3. Vintage, Valve & Vinyl Contract engineering services

Contract engineering and test in the radio and audio industries.