Equipment for sale

We currently have some restored Leak Troughline Tuners for sale and a pair of ex dem GATE single ended power amplifiers. Please see photographs and email for details.

James Turner Vacuum Tube Audio


300B Single Ended Amplifier


The 300B Single Ended Amplifier provides 10 Watts of musical refinement that is only available from this classic and historical Vacuum Tube.

The amplifier has a low noise floor and was designed to drive high efficiency bass reflex loudspeakers.

The output stage uses a 300B Directly Heated Triode that operates in class A, along with the driver stages, for maximum linearity.

Tube rectification is used in the power supply to provide a sweeter sound.

An optimum amount of negative feedback is applied in order to reduce distortion and improve loudspeaker damping, whilst maintaining a dynamic performance.


Technical Specification


          Power Output               10 Watts rms


          Load Impedance          8 Ohms


          Input Sensitivity          800mV rms for maximum output


          Input impedance          100k Ohms


          Frequncy Response      20Hz - 30kHz +/- 1dB