This combination has an elusive suble immediacy and smoothness that brings the music to life in a way that is not normally heard.

Just one of the many comments that leads me to believe that I have acheived my objective to produce a range of vacuum tube audio amplifiers that have the performance, sound quality and reliability equal to the best available in the world at a price that is within the reach of most serious music lovers. 

 James Turner Vacuum Tube Audio Pre-amplifiers are available with either a moving magnet phono stage (MC step-up available) and line inputs, or with line inputs only.

The phono stage with it's low noise low distortion and massive headroom adds minimal coloration and provides a sweet, detailed and spacious sound that conveys musical finesse.

The line stage is simplicity itself providing a low output impedance to drive long(ish) cables.

Great care has been taken to keep noise and microphony to a minimum.

All components in the phono and line stages have been selected for optimum musical performance and the vacuum tubes are selected for low noise and low microphony.

James Turner Vacuum Tube Audio Power Amplifiers are available in two versions, Low power Single Ended, Directly Heated Triode to drive high efficiency loudspeakers and  Higher Power Push-Pull to drive lower efficiency loudspeakers.

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